Alta Semper Capital Invests 20$ Million in Kenyan Primary Care and Digital Healthcare Platform MYDAWA

October 9, 2023 Latest News

Global private equity firm, Alta Semper has announced a significant funding milestone, investing $20 million in the innovative primary healthcare platform, MYDAWA, based in Kenya.

Since its inception in 2016, MYDAWA has revolutionized access to healthcare in Kenya, by combining outstanding primary care with innovative digital tools to deliver affordable and safe medical services and products to consumers across the region. The platform, which has evolved to become a fully regulated one-stop solution for healthcare, provides a plethora of services including consultations, tests, referrals, and a dedicated help desk. The seamless service has resonated with consumers, largely due to MYDAWA’s commitment to in-house logistics operations to ensure high-quality service.

The partnership between Alta Semper and MYDAWA signifies a shared vision to enhance access to quality healthcare across Africa, with an emphasis on locally produced, high-quality, low-cost consumer goods and services. Through this strategic alliance, both parties are set to capitalize on the intersection of traditional high-quality primary care and innovative digital health solutions, promising to bring affordable healthcare services to millions of Africans. This aligns perfectly with Alta Semper’s strategic aim to invest in leading businesses that drive growth in highly diversified, politically stable, and rapidly evolving economies.

Alta Semper’s CEO, Afsane Jetha, reflected on the partnership, stating, “MYDAWA’s innovative technology, scalable business model, and comprehensive understanding of the regulatory landscape dovetail perfectly with our own strategy. Their commitment to democratizing access to health and wellbeing in Africa mirrors our mission, making them a logical choice for this investment.”

The $20 million capital injection is expected to accelerate MYDAWA’s growth, furthering its reach and solidifying its position as a key player in Africa’s healthcare industry. COO and Partner, Zachary Fond, also said about the MYDAWA investment: “The investment into MYDAWA is part of our strategic aim at meeting this growing demand by investing in locally produced and value-priced consumer goods and services as well as increasing technology-driven health equity across Africa.”

Alta Semper Capital deploys flexible and strategic capital to realize its vision of creating access to generational health and well-being. Founded in 2015, the firm’s expert and seasoned team shares more than 70 years of combined expertise in investing, healthcare, and consumer goods businesses expertise. The group works throughout Africa and currently supports thirteen highly diversified economies.

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